Dry Needling and helping improve your IVF success in cairns

Dry Needling may be able to assist conception alongside your IVF clinic and fertility doctor.

One in eight couples have trouble getting or staying pregnant one in three couples in which the woman is over 35 and one in two in which the woman is over 40. And these figures have been on the rise for decades. .

If you are reading this, you are likely one of them. Or maybe you’re just planning to get pregnant and want to be as well prepared as you can be. In any case, you are certainly not alone.

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It’s All in the Timing

If you and your partner are healthy and have no particular fertility chalIenges, the single most important thing you can do to help this process along is to know when to have sex. Which is to say, you need to know when you ovulate and to time the swimming of the sperm accordinglyWell get to the particulars of how to predict ovulation in a minute. But once you know when you ovulate, the key is to have sex ahead of time. Once they’re in your body, the sperm will hang out for a bit, just swimming around looking for something to do-just waiting for an egg to debut. The egg will not lollygag, soif you wait until you think it’s on , you have a very short window of time for the sperm to catch to it. Having sex on the day ovulation is about to occur may be ideal, but better the day before than the day after, when it will be too late. Think of boarding a cruise ship. Sometimes you can board a couple of days before launch, but once it pulls away from the dock, you are out of luck. That ship has sailed, and you’re just going to have to wait for the next one. Researchers at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences studied more than two hundred healthy women planning to get pregnant. They tracked their estimated ovulation and the days on which they had intercourse. Conception took place only when intercourse occurred in the six days leading up to ovulation, and the likelihood of conception increased dramatically the closer sex was to the actual day of ovulation. Only a small number of pregnancies were due to sperm that were three or more days old, and none occurred with sex after the day of ovulation. Erm generally live for seventy-two hours-that’s three whole days-as long as they have good, alkaline cervical mucus to sustain them, and they can sometimes make it for up to seven days. An egg* meanwhile, is fertilizable for only twenty-four hours, and that time frame may squeeze down to just twelve hours as women get older. So your best bet is to have the sperm ready and waiting for the egg when it is released, and that means the best time to have sex is on days 12 through 14 of a standard twenty-eight-day cycle, where ovulation is on day 14, You’ll have to get to know your own cycle to get the timing exactly right, and just how to do that is coming up next.


natural fertility cairns
natural fertility cairns